Comfort is subjective; what is comfortable to some is entirely uncomfortable to others. This is why taking your time choosing a mattress is so critical. Our research has shown that most people spend minutes, yes, minutes selecting a mattress/bed, and yet it's the most used product in a household. A customer spends more time choosing groceries than choosing a mattress.

The interesting fact of this is 33% of persons life is spent sleeping. In Australia, life expectancy is approximately 85 years and will get higher as medical advances occur. That means we spend 28 years of our lives asleep.

Unfortunately, some customers invest the least amount of time and money selecting a mattress/bed until there is a significant problem, and everyone knows what it's like not to get enough sleep. (

So, choosing a mattress/bed is crucial, and at every life stage, a different support system and comfort level may be required. It is not the one size fits all as some mattress suppliers may have you believe.

Mistakes people make when selecting a mattress.

  1. Choosing comfort as the primary criteria over support.
  2. Choosing the "Ahhh this is amazing" in a few minutes
  3. Not considering sleep position (back, stomach, side)
  4. Not considering the other users of the sleep surface.
  5. Not considering the temperature of the environment and sleep types (hot or cold)

Sometimes customers have had their mattresses for 10 years and some for 20 years. Product may last that long; however, I would question their effectiveness and efficiency.
When these customers go onto a new mattress, they can experience some muscle memory discomfort. What does this mean? The closest thing to this is when someone buys a pair of shoes. A large percentage of shoes are not instantly comfortable the moment you put them on. Does that mean they're are faulty? They require to time to mould to the foot and once settled, and the foot realigns itself to the shoe and the shoe to the foot, it's comfy. One shoe does not fit all, much like a mattress.
We sometimes hear customers having back pain or neck pain. This could simply be the body adjusting to the mattress/bed, or it could mean incorrect comfort/support choice or underlying physical issue.

So is it possible to choose the right mattress/bed? Well yes and no. The test is sleeping on it for at least 4-12 weeks. We ask customers rather than relying on the replacement of the mattress/bed in sales gimmicks of, change your mattress in 30 days if you don't like. If customers spent the same amount of time selecting this would not be necessary at all, and the difficulty of that is the consumer always pays for other people's change of mind.

What can we do to help? 

If you have chosen the wrong mattress we want to help. 

Its best to discuss your concerns with our customer care team and they can explore options to help get your mattress to your desired comfort level. This may mean picking up your bed and getting our factory to change comfort layers to suit your needs. This can be a challanging and costly process, so our team can discuss your options. 

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